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Last updated on Wednesday 28 May 2013

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Northern Namaqualand offers more than just Quiver trees and Gemsbok. Clear skies and bright stars are part of the package! With the low level of light pollution it often seems that one can touch the stars if you reach up! Being able to identify some of the planets and constellations makes the experience just so much more fun.

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Linda (Swanepoel) Thiart onthou ....

1957 - 1981 in Springbok

Ek is gebore en getoŽ in Springbok. Het tot Std 8 daar skoolgegaan en toe matriek in die Kaap geskryf en verder geswot in Wellington.

Dinsdag 20 Desember 2011 - Die tweede hoofstuk van Linda se vertel stories is bygevoeg. Lees hier.

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The "Blue Mine" was added to the Springbok Features page.

The Blue Mine, in Springbok, is recorded as the first commercial mining endeavour in South Africa.

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"Why would anybody in his right mind visit Goegap when it is not in the flower season, and go on a hiking trail, 4x4 route or mountain bike ride in December? "


"The answer is twofold: to experience the serene tranquility and isolation in close symbiosis with this area rich in human and archaeological history and, secondly, to look close enough and be surprised at the abundance of fauna and flora still around although the plains are not covered in flowers."

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Alfred Hinkel is world renowned in the area of contemporary dancing. He was artistic director of Jazzart, the most established and well-known contemporary dance studio in the country, from 1986 till early last year. His students have acquired international fame.

He has now returned to Okiep, where his father was a mining engineer in the nearby Nababeep, where he plans to establish a dance studio and provide the best opportunities for young people into an artistic dancing future.

Will the Springbok / Okiep / Nababeep area welcome him back? He has been battling with the Nama Khoi Municipality since the first quarter of the year to get his building plans approved.

The article includes a sneak preview of a current production that they are working on, as well as the full 25 min interview audio version that we had with him.

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   Some interesting maps has been added to the Maps page. This include a downloadable digital version of the 1:250 000 SA Topographic map wgs_2916.

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The train at the mine museum - Nababeep - Click on the picture below or right-click and "Save as" for the high resolution ( 2169 x 540 pixels -  ) version

Train at Nababeep Mine Museam

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True to our mission of detailed and updated informational websites, we are bringing together as much information as possible about Springbok and its surrounding area, including links to other sites referring to the Springbok area.

Residents of Springbok and visitors to the area will have a 1-stop shop, where they can read local news, get tourist information, find out e.g. where the local laundry is, look up public transport schedules and systems, etc.

Nababiep and Okiep are also covered by this website. 

This website is part of a webring of information sites aimed at the geographical area cornered by Hondeklipbaai (SW), Luderitz (NW), Keetmanshoop (NE) and Kamieskroon (SE), located in South Western Namibia and North Western South Africa, on either side of the Orange River, which is the border between the two countries.

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Video cameraIt is our intention to make video material and audio recordings that we produce available on the websites to bring the visual and spoken word closer to residents and visitors. Some of the timeslots within the videos will be made available for advertisements.

DVD emblemThe produced websites and video material will in due time be made available on informational DVDs. This could be useful to people in remote areas where there is no access to the web, and to travellers who would like to use parts of the info as reference during their travels. Some maps for example will contain GPS references, and lots of 4x4 and overlanding enthusiasts can use their laptop computers via an inverter if no electricity is available.



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